From the people who brought you Flight Through Entirety.

About us

500 Year Diary is a new Doctor Who podcast by the people who brought you Flight Through Entirety.

When Flight Through Entirety started back in 2014, we were discussing Doctor Who stories that were more than 50 years old; our most recent FTE episode was about a Doctor Who episode that’s merely eight years old.

We’re in danger of catching up with the present day.

So to give the most recent seasons of Doctor Who the chance to recede into the past, we’ve decided to slow down the FTE production schedule and to start a new podcast, concentrating on different aspects of the show — things we’ve never discussed before, topics we’ve never properly addressed, and things that FTE only covered briefly.

That new podcast is 500 Year Diary.

Each season of 500 Year Diary will cover a theme — an idea, a trope, a genre, a person or a character. Our first season is called New Beginnings, appropriately enough; in it, we will be talking about reboots, relaunches and pilot epiodes.

We plan to start releasing further seasons in 2025, once Flight Through Entirety finishes its coverage of the Peter Capaldi Era.

And of course, you can still hear our hot takes on every new Doctor Who episode soon after broadcast at The Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire.


The 500 Year Diary theme was composed by Cameron Lam. The podcast artwork was created by James Sellwood.